1. How old should my child be to start music lessons? The youngest age that we enroll students is 4 years of age. Each child is different.

2. How long should lessons be? For a beginner a 1/2 hour weekly lesson is usually sufficient.  Longer lesson times are needed for intermediate and advanced students to allow time for formal theory lessons.

3. How often should lessons be? We recommend at least one lesson a week.

4. How often should I practice at home? We commonly give homework with a min of 30 minutes of practice daily.  The key to success is practice of course.

5. What if I don’t have an instrument? We provide instrument rental, please ask our Musical professionals for details.

6. How can I pay for lessons? We accept CASH and/or CHEQUE, Paid at the Beginning of each month.

7. Do you have concerts? Yes we may have concerts at the end of each program for our students who have enrolled in Musical Programs.

8. Do you have a course certificate? Yes we provide our students who enroll in our programs a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION.

9. What happens if I need to cancel my lesson? We require a 24 Hour min notice for all cancellations.  Otherwise you will be charged for the lesson regardless.

10. What happens if Wescar Music Studios cancels my lesson? Due to illness, nature etc, should we be required to cancel your lesson for whatever reason we will automatically provide you credit for another lesson of the equal value.

11. Do  you provide a refund to lessons? NO, we have to pay our teachers for the time slot booked, and therefore do not refund any lessons.

12. When do I pay for my lessons? We collect a min of 4 lessons in advance to book your time slot accordingly and these fees are collected monthly at the beginning of each month. Or you may choose to pay with 12 post-dated cheques of $ 100.00/$ 125.00 per month.

13. Do you charge a Registration and/or Membership fee? No, at this time we do not charge any of these fees, although they may come into effect in the future to allow for additional benefits for the members of Wescar Music Studios.

14. What do you charge for a music lesson? We charge $25.00 per 1/2 hour lesson $ 37 for 45 minute lessons and $50.00 for 1 hour lesson.